William White has been searching for treasure and precious metals for over thirty years; first as a family recreational activity, and later full-time as life permitted. He has travelled to many remote places and has seen amazing things made possible only through treasure hunting. According to William, whether you search with a simple metal detector or use more sophisticated equipment, you will experience the same thrill of the hunt that makes it worthwhile. The planning and the activity itself are as much fun as finding something. The treasure trove could be diamonds in California or placer gold in New Mexico; as long as it has value, one can be assured that William White will soon be on the trail searching for it. The only thing he enjoys as much as searching for treasure is writing about his experiences. William currently has two treasure books in print, with two more nearing completion.

His future plans include shipwreck salvaging in the Pacific Ocean, as well as continuing his searches on land for treasure not yet located. There are so many riches waiting to be found, and so many fascinating stories still to be told, that it would take two lifetimes just to cover a small fraction of them. Anywhere that people have gathered and lived, there is sure to be treasure. For that, William White offers his humble thanks, not only for himself, but also for those few like him who follow this calling.

One definitely gets the impression after reading his books that William knows a lot more than he is saying. He freely admits this, and says that any untold stories represent either unfinished business or a need to protect the privacy of individuals still actively engaged in the hunt for treasure. These mysteries will spark a reader's curiosity and interest. You will find Wiliam's books refreshing and unique, with many stories never seen in print before and new slants on stories previously published. Although William White has had much success at treasure hunting, he is still looking for the "big one." That elusive catch of gold bars and gemstones is still out there waiting for him, and someday he will find it. In the meantime, the reader will thoroughly enjoy his experiences and adventures, and the many inside tips on where to look and where to go in search of treasure.

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